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Indian pest control & fumigation co. (IPCFC) ensure you to serve with the best of its trained and verified professionals.We provide a wide variety of service like Disinfection Services, Sanitization Services, Home Sanitzation Services, House Sanitization Services. We connect you with highly trained experts. Our experts will do the complete examination of the affected places and use eco - friendly, effective chemicals for disinfection/sterilization of the affected place. Disinfection Treatment helps in eliminating viruses & bacteria and helps in providing a healthier surrounding. IPCFC makes use of Spectrum Environmental Cleaner and Disinfectants/sterilizing of surface, building, etc. Get your offices, homes, shops and commercial spaces Sanitized by us with our affordable prices.

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Services Offered

House Disinfection:
A disinfection of the property will eliminate all traces from pests. The technician will arrive on-site and will take a tour of the area and plan where to spray.

Floor Mopping:
Floor has a maximum no. of infectious bacteria/viruses. Floor mopping will help to kill bacteria/viruses.

Surface Dusting:
After air, we get direct contact with the exterior. The dusting of these makes sure we do not catch any infection.

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