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Bedbugs are annoying household pests that are hard to get rid of and difficult to verify. They are small oval, brownish bugs in appearance and feed on the blood of animals and humans. They do not possess the ability to fly but can travel fast from one place to another. Bedbug infestations can pose serious health risks and traditional remedies have proven to be an unsuccessful deterrent. Bedbugs are quite the travelers and latch onto suitcases and clothes. They’re parasitic insects but an infestation is not due to lack of hygiene. They usually come out at night to feed and are attached to the host for only 5-10 minutes. They are usually found in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards.


If you’re suspicious of an infestation, you can check for bedbug bites which are itchy spots usually near the ankles or by a characteristic smell of rotting raspberries. However, bedbug verification and bedbug treatment is difficult because they can live up to a year without feeding. You can get rid of bedbugs by cleaning up the places that are infected but extermination and bedbug control requires chemical treatments which is why professional help is recommended.

You can trust The Indian Pest Control & Fumigation company (IPCFC) to investigate your home for bedbugs with special care and a sharp eye. We send over an expert IPCFC professional to investigate and carry out anti bedbug treatment. We also monitor your home to make sure the infestation is 100% eradicated so you can cease worrying. Our experience of more than 3 decades aids us in providing you with the best solutions for your pest control problems. We also come equipped with the latest technology and knowhow to employ the best response and safeguard your home from all pesky pests.

Prevention :

The only way of preventing the entry of bedbugs into your home is to be vigilant. Take care to check before sitting on sofas and chairs outside especially in restaurants. When living in hotels, check the beds and preferably carry a plastic cover to encase your baggage inside it. For an estimate on excellent pest control service, contact us through the contact form or book our service at 9999495949

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