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A termite infestation is incredibly damaging to your wooden furniture whether it’s at your home or at office. They feed 24 hours a day and are exasperatingly difficult to get rid of as termite spray does not ensure the termination of an infestation at its source. Termites are foragers i.e. they search for food and usually their colonies go unnoticed. However, it’s important to be aware of them as they can cause costly damages to your valuable furniture at home.

Common termite signs you can check for :

  • Termites can eat their way through laminate flooring and skirting boards. You can check for an infestation by looking for sagging or spongy boards.
  • If your windows or doors prove difficult to open, it maybe due to a termite infestation as they eat through the wood which distorts the shape of doors and windows.
  • The most obvious sign is if you can see frass in your wooden cupboards, shelves etc. Frass is excreta of termites and although frass does not cause damage itself, it is a big indicator of a termite infestation.

You can trust The Indian Pest Control & Fumigation company (IPCFC) to provide clients with a pest control service that is second to none! For termite control, an IPCFC expert will visit and inspect your house as earliest detection ensures lesser damage in your home. Our expertise and specialized anti-termite treatments form a barrier and immunize your home against termites. IPCFC uses the most up to date examination and treatment technology in compliance with government approved termite treatment substances ensuring safety of the inhabitants of the house/office.

Prevention :

The chief cause that is attracting termites to your house is if there’s no lack of moisture. The most crucial way of preventing an infestation would be to ensure that there is no moist wood around the house. Keep an eye on wooden doors of bathrooms and the outlets from where the AC lets out water. Another way of prevention is to not store cardboard boxes or piles of clothes as termites are attracted to cardboard and certain fabrics as well. Get in contact with us for an estimate through the contact form or book a service at 9999495949

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