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IPCFC provides The Post Construction Termite Protection Plan exhaustively protects your property against termite influx. This involves drilling of holes and injection of fluid termiticide by skilled technicians. We use the safest and most effective way out to protect your home and family from the demolition of termites. To give our customers reassurance, we necessitate the value of our termite treatment according to the project requirement and will carry out re-treatment should there be a re-infestation of profound termites within the warranty period.

Liquid Chemical barriers are coated around the foundation to resist or kill termites entering a structure. This technology is a time tested proven method for preventing termite activity. This method of treatment is recommended for homes that have standard concrete for exterior patios, have no changes in grade, and has one main slab.

One of the essential termite protecting product of choice is Premise Termiticide. The Premise advantage is the transfer process. When termites passageway through the treatment barrier, the chemical material is brought back to the colony and transferred to other termites. Other advantages include a long lasting in our dry desert environment and Premise is the least toxic termiticide on the market. To find out more about our pest control services or prevents them, call IPCFC or contact us online for a free survey.


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